directed by Claudio Misculin

freely adapted from “Asterix e il Regno degli dei” by Goscinny-Uderzo, Mondadori 1972

Claudio Misculin, Dario Kuzma, Giuseppe Feminiano, Donatella Di Gilio, Gabriele Palmano, Ana Dalbello, Giuseppe Denti, David Murcia Gonzalez

organization and project manager Cinzia Quintiliani

international organization and project management team Carmen Palumbo e Pamela Fussi

administration Cinzia Quintiliani

production Accademia della Follia

with the support of Dipartimento di Salute Mentale di Trieste

pubblic funding from Regione Emilia Romagna, Provincia di Rimini

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Giulio Cesare, being unable to defeat the invincible Gauls, decides to build a roman city around their village, to force them to assimilate roman customs and traditions. The first building meant to displace the gaul forests is a residential holiday compound called “The Gods’ Kingdom”


“After all Basaglia’s stroke of genius consists in his capacity to recognize that behind illness there’s always a human being. And a human being cannot be forced into technical-medical parameters. Accademia della Follia is made of men and women, with men and women and for men and women, long life to men and women: amen”.

So performances are born from men and women who are part of it. This last pièce, for example, takes the shape of Dario Kuzma’s powerful body and voice. Dario’s body in fact is the perfect Obelix’s physique du role.

Asterix will be played by Pino Feminiano, a rock of Accademia: ten years of militancy, and the clock of the group, besides its precision and punctuality.

We will also have an acrobat. I won’t tell you what his story is neither how he happened to be with us…it would take a full show. In reality he studied circus and dance and he’s an amazing person arrived directly from Colombia.

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