Madness is a human condition
Madness exists within ourselves like reason
The problem is that society to call itself civil
Should accept both reason and madness
Franco Basaglia

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Producer: Point du Jour
Distribution: France 3 Corse (emittente con copertura nazionale in Francia).
Broadcasting: prime time (20,30/20,45)
Broadcasting on public swiss and Belgian television is still in the planning stage

Accademia della Follia is a pack of talented people.
Accademia della Follia is the main character of a movie I just shot in Trieste.
I miss Accademia della Follia like some adolescence’s loves.
You know, those actors, those bodies, those gestures, that way to manage the theatre, as far as I am not a theatre’s expert, well, that combination called Accademia della Follia cannot be summarized talking about art. As if Misculin and his crew invented a way – it’s hard to call it in another way – to tickle your little brain.
So it’s a matter of little brain. And a matter of stomach.
I warned you I miss Accademia like a summer love.

Anush Hamzehian


“It is my intention to tell about the last month of rehearsing before the Accademia della Follia’s national premiere. I imagine Trieste’s winter and the city theatre to be the setting, because I found the symbolism deeply proper: the city most important theatre, the place of culture, handled by madmen. My documentary couldn’t ask anything better. Or maybe yes, I could ask for some snow and some Bora. But for this details I have apply to other Institutions.”
Anush Hamzehian

In May 1978 Act 180 is approved: the psychiatric hospitals’ experiences finishes. It is the opening of those gates that for years and years marked the edge between madness and normality.
Act 180 changes hundreds of lives: mentally ill people have again rights, gaze and words. They are citizens again.
Trieste, and San Giovanni in particular, were the sites that gave life to Act 180 first and invented institutions after. Laboratories are needed, not ambulatories.
Artists, intellectuals, poets, actors and painters gather, organize workshops to reduce the gap with the Other and create a common sense.
Accademia della Follia
is one of these invented institutions that Anush Hamzehian, young Italian Iranian director wants to tell about.
Anush shot various documentaries, among which “Il Giardino delle Meraviglie” that portraits the garden of a women penitentiary. Maria Teresa, Elda, Edith and Fulvia are the protagonists who changed forever Anush’s idea of jail to the point that they represent it.
He would like the same to happen to Accademia della Follia with a movie about mental illness: he would like the world “madness” to be substituted by those names and those faces.
He wants to tell about a world unknown for many people, a story that many would call positive but that he considers a lot more: he thinks it’s a dream.
He started to shoot the movie on January 7th 2014 and followed “Obelix&Asterix” last month of rehearsing till February 4th, day of the premiere at Rossetti Theatre in Trieste.


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